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Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits

The Association of Military Recruiters and Counselors (AMRAC) is a tax exempt wartime veteran?s association dedicated to the cause of recruiting and retaining strong, representative Armed Forces. 

Our Association provides a voice for America's current and former recruiters and counselors who are charged with maintaining military strength. Membership is not restricted to only recruiters and counselors, however. In essence, all veterans and military members are recruiters and counselors, since their community involvement and presence provides the testimonial for service to our Nation.

We know that as a veteran, you have your choice to belong to many veterans? groups, and we encourage you to join all or any that interest you, since all veteran's groups have a common goal of improving the lives of America's service members and veterans. We feel however that the recruiting and counseling professions within the military are often misunderstood, and there is a need to be heard from a different perspective, that of those who recruit and retain our military men and women and believe that all Americans have a stake in this undertaking.

Our organization's goals are:

  • To educate America's youth on patriotism and military service
  • To promote pride in service to America
  • To support fair treatment of veterans and service members
  • To give back to America through community service
  • To support fair and equitable treatment of uniformed recruiters and career counselors of all services
  • To provide our members and their families with civilian education opportunities
  • To enable our members to compete for post-service employment
  • To provide a self-help network for our members and their families
  • To provide good will and comradeship among our members
  • To recognize those who serve America through awards and other recognition programs 
  • To provide factual up to date information to our members on changes in law and policies that affect service members, veterans and their families


What your AMRAC membership gives you:

  • Life members receive our unique service cap, a life membership card and the unique AMRAC medallion.
  • All paid non-life members receive the service cap and membership card.
  • A subscription to the "Gazette" our Association's quarterly newsletter.
  • Free educational counseling and networking through our Educational Advisory Council- Actual volunteer professors who will help you and your family in educational pursuits.
  • Access to AMRAC partner organizations that will provide discounts on services and goods. 
  • Updates on recent trends in recruiting and retention, straight from our directors in Washington DC.
  •  Job networking- AMRAC has access to many job opportunities and will help in resume preparation and distribution.
  • Fellowship mentoring program with senior AMRAC members who will advise on research, trends and data for our members.
  • AMRAC provides free recognition for community members recommended by our members.
  • Access to our speaker's bureau that will provide free or low cost speakers for local events.
  • Access to the Military Recruiting and Retention Hall of Fame.
  • Access to AMRAC Pod Casts- an opportunity to get your message on the airwaves- free to our members.
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